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MAP Exams



In line with its uniqueness in both curricular & extra-curricular activities, Al-Anjal International School implemented numerous activities this week including:

  •  MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) standardized American tests required by AdvancED.  Grades being tested include 4 through 10. These tests are objective indicators that will help us obtain a realistic picture of student, teacher, and school performance.
  •  They also help us measure how well students learned the skills important to meet the set school and AdvancED academic standards.
  • Most importantly implementing these exams on a regular basis boosts our Index of Quality (IQ) and raises our overall score with AdvancED.
  • Together with the results of the school local tests administered on Blackboard, we are able to conduct a comprehensive and accurate comparative study and data analysis of the standard of our local assessment compared with international assessment standards.
  •  These standardized tests certainly promote our school as accountable to stakeholders – parents, students as well as the surrounding community.






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