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Lines of Communication

Strong, open communication between students, teachers, and parents is a key element in the success of Al-Anjal students.

  • Important announcements and upcoming events will be announced to parents either by memos, SMS, or a posted note on the Al-Anjal website.
  • Check the Al-Anjal website to keep you updated with what your child has been learning during the current week by using Black Board.
  • Emailing academic concerns to the Heads of departments office is welcomed.
  • Parents may direct general suggestions, comments, and concerns to the Principal′s office and can meet the teachers every Thursday.

Channel Book

Please use the Channel Book to write any questions, comments, or concerns. Check the Channel book daily for student homework, teacher comments, or school news.

Parent / Teacher Conference

Parent – Teacher Conferences will be held every nine weeks when report cards are issued. The purpose of parent – Teacher Conferences is for the teacher to explain to the parents the progress and / or problems of the child. Parents should also express any concerns they have to the teachers or to the Academic Coordinator. Parent – Teachers Conference are meant to enhance their partnership as we believe they are indispensable for a child’s academic, mental, and physical well-being.

Parent – teacher conferences are not Revising grades-once grades are placed on the report card. They are non – negotiable.

 Parent / Teachers Association (PTA)

The parents and the teachers  council is  considered an  educational and social  gathering where the elite of experienced  parents   involve to achieve the school vision and enforce  the relationship between  the school and home through periodical meetings and the engagement in school activities .

The parents and teachers' council has been designated for the school educational stages as follow:-

  1. The First Stage Council represented by  two members for each class of grade  (One, Two, Three)
  2. The Second Stage Council represented by two members for each class  of  grade (Four, Five, Six )
  3. The Third  Stage Council represented by two members for each class  of  grade   (Seven , Eight , Nine )
  4. The fourth  Stage Council represented by two members for each class  of  grade  (Ten, Eleven, Twelve )

A council chairman  and deputy will be nominated for each council  to hold  the responsibilities and tasks   designated for the council , eventually , a unified council  will be set up  for all the stages to carry out the school visions and the  required tasks with the  help of principals , coordinators , supervisors and teachers .

The Council Objectives:

  1. Enforcing the relationship between the school and community andfinding cooperative chances to achieve the school missions.
  2. Developing the School role in the community and enforcing its educational and cultural identity.
  3. Enforcing cooperation   between the school and governmental and private sectors to be utilized for students' benefits.
  4. Introducing advice for school administration andcooperating with its board in dealing with students' behavioral issues and discussing odd extraordinary behavior.
  5. Coordinating with private training bodies to achieve educational training for teachers as well as students.

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