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Teacher’s Job Description

Teacher’s Job Description

Job Information:

  • Recruited to teach ____________ classes for _________ hours per week.
  • The duration of the contract is: _________ (months) / permanent / until _________.
  • The salary is _________ (Per hour / per week / per month).
  • The number of classes per week is ____________.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To prepare and deliver quality lessons for the agreed number of hours.
  2. To support students as they learn and help them to progress.
  3. To enable students to achieve and exceed their learning goals.
  4. To keep records up to date (e.g. class registers) and to complete administrative duties related to the role.
  5. To prepare students to take exams.
  6. To administer and invigilate exams.
  7. To carry out assessments with students, as necessary, including initial assessments and diagnostic assessments, and to maintain records relating to student attendance, achievement and progress.
  8. To maintain class discipline and ensure that students behave within the guidelines set out in the class rules.
  9. To adhere to all health and safety rules within the school and ensure that students adhere to them.
  10. To ensure that the school’s regulations concerning discipline and performance level are adhered to.
  11. To participate effectively in all extra-curricular activities performed by the department or by the school.
  12. To take part in the positive promotion and marketing of the school and the courses offered. To ensure that the good name and reputation of the school and courses are not damaged in any way.
  13. To report to his superiors any issues or problems that should arise during the normal course of duties.
  14. To assist the staff of the school with research and development   into making improvements to the school and courses.
  15. To take part in any career development training courses or  workshops arranged by the department to upgrade skills relevant to the job description as part of a continuing development program.
  16. To demonstrate his potential for classroom management.
  17. To cooperate with his colleagues and superiors for the general interest of the school.
  18. To abide by the school's dress code and observe personal hygiene.
  19. To safeguard the moral ethics of the Muslim society.
  20. To best represent the school and its staff, if chosen to participate in any external activity or occasion.
  21. Other duties relevant to the job description, as required.

Essential Skills:

  1. A strong commitment to enabling students to achieve their learning goals.
  2. A comprehensive knowledge and experience of teaching his respective.
  3. A good level of education and teaching qualifications.
  4. Excellent communication skills; the ability to communicate and work positively and constructively with students at all ages, levels and abilities.
  5. Self-motivation, reliability and flexibility, with a caring, student- focused attitude.
  6. Good administrative and organizational skills – a well-organized individual.
  7. The ability to work well under pressure and to meet deadlines.
  8. IT literate; able to work confidently with Blackboard Learning System, the Internet Microsoft Office and the Internet, and any other IT resources applied by the school.

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