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A huge factor in the success of any educational programme is the relevance of the subjects that are taught. For this reason all of our courses have been designed for ease of customisation to easily match the exact needs of our student's future career needs. Students learn best when lessons match their interests and abilities. Studies have shown that in conventional classrooms many instructional tasks are not matched to students’ skill levels. The mission of our school is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program. At AlAnjal, each student receives individualized instruction, including lessons tailored to that student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. This is our Personalized Performance Learning® (PPL) approach—a dynamic process through which we evaluate each student's strengths and needs. We then develop individual approaches that work for the student along with our curriculum—all year long. High School students benefit from rigorous college preparatory curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to participate in Honors and Advanced Placement courses at college and university level.

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