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Our Strategy

We will try our utmost to realize our vision by utilizing a package of programs comprising skills building, beliefs and morals inspiring tools that would eventually allow our vision for a modern good citizen to materialize.

This will be possible through:

  1. Character Building:
  • Thinking skills building programs
  • Concepts of good faith building programs
  • Making available programs that raise students' awareness about health and physical fitness.
  1. Modern Time Awareness Building:
  • Making available programs that help raise awareness about the modern times through reading and research.
    • Programs that portray our role as a contributing civilization in the global challenges and issues
  • Development of thought, creativity and talent programs that find solutions to these issues in order to revive the spirit of participation and reform for the students
  1. Skills and Culture Building:
  • Programs to build skills and general culture of global citizenship standards of language and technology
  • Making available programs that help build knowledge and skill base in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Making available programs designed to build and enhance students' artistic skills and talents
  • Programs to build skills of Islamic finance, relations, administrative and legislative hierarchy and Sociology
  • Programs for building specialized skills to different sectors "Business and Finance sector - science, medicine, industry, agriculture, communications, transportation, etc." 

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